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NATS Laravel Package

Easily read data from your NATS database from within your Laravel application. Check out the documentation


Analyze and discover the secrets of your media files waiting in your hard drive!. Check out the documentation

Restler Boot

Quickly start building a RESTful API using RESTlER framework. Check out the documentation


We had also authored an awesome platform that gives your a lot of capability to kick-start on developing your adult web applications. You can find the documentation for those below:

  • OATS

    Open-source affiliate tracking software for the Adult industry.

  • Emitter

    Postback Management software for Adult sites.

  • TourMon

    Real-time monitoring and notification system for your NATS tours.

  • TGP

    Is an open-source thumbnail gallery post tour.

  • NATS Join Dev

    Develop NATS Join templates locally w/o hitting the live NATS server.

  • Epoch MemberPlus

    PHP library to perform Epoch's MemberPlus capabilty which allows you to upsell or cross sell to existing site members.


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